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60 Minutes Asks the Key Question . . . Is Sugar Toxic?

When you take our SugarBlocker before eating any sugar, 5 amazing things happen.

  1. L-Arabinose triggers your senses which tells the brain that our desire to have sugar is being satisfied. This can assist us in our efforts to control our mental addiction to sugar.
  2. When Konjac-Mannan is released, it triggers your stomach to feel a little more satisfied and can help to reduce hunger cravings
  3. When the polysaccharide PSK enters the blood stream it goes to work repairing damaged cells while supporting the immune system.
  4. When the sucrose molecules enter the intestine, it is ignored by the sucrase enzyme preventing the glucose and fructose molecules from being separated and digested.
  5. The fifth amazing function of F21 is that the L-Arabinose follows the Sucrose molecule through the digestive tract and both of them become prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics in the digestive tract. Nothing is wasted!*

But Here's What's Even More Amazing

  • Because you are blocking the sugar, you are blocking the calories (almost 4 calories for every gram of sugar). This means you loose weight!@!!
  • When you over indulge in sugar, and who doesn't, you feel sluggish. Block the Sugar Feel More Energized!!!
  • More energy, also means you will feel better.
  • When you loose weight you become more healthy.
  • Sugar is now considered to be a leading indicator of heart disease, so if you block the sugar in the first place, imagine what that will do for you.

Loosing weight, more energy, feeling better and more healthy.

Without dieting, without changing your eating habits, you are going to feel good about yourself because you are doing something good for yourself.

How Does Our Sugar Blocker Work?

Our Sugar Blocker is a delicious tasting tablet that is half the sweetness of sugar which helps block sugar absorption into the bloodstream as well as supporting beneficial probiotics within your digestive system! It is also an antioxidant that will boost your immune system response.


It has been formulated to help limit your blood sugar absorption and control further weight gain. For every gram of L-Arabinose, blocks up to 20 grams of sugar (sucrose) by inhibiting the enzyme called sucrase. Your digestive system will also receive the benefits because it feeds probiotic bacteria. With powerful polysaccharides (PSK) to support the immune system response and protect against further free radical damage.

Ingredients (only 3)

L-Arabinose, Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide

Other Ingredients

Konjac-Mannan, Magnesium Stearate