Silica Hydride Turns Sixteen Years Old

In September of 2013 Silica-hydride turned 16 years old and is still relatively unknown in the world of antioxidants and super foods. Lost in a sea of supplements that all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread.

nanostructureOver the years people who have used Silica-hydride have found it to be so far beyond any other nutritional supplement when they try to tell others about it, many have a difficult time understanding/believing the scientific findings.

Followers of my website know in years past it was the #1 source of information, facts, and studies on Silica-hydride. But it seems there are always skeptics and those who will try to shoot down anything that doesn’t fall in-line with their belief structure. For them, there will never be enough clinic studies, testimonials, analogies, or scientific proof, to get them to even consider Silica-hydride might be something very special. Something that could change their lives as it has with so many others, like myself.

I don’t think I’m unique, but in my circle of friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues I’m the healthiest person I know. And I can say that because that hasn’t always been the case. Sixteen years ago, before Silica hydride, I would get hit seasonally with colds and flu bugs and always was sick around Christmas. Going to the gym was always a waste of time because my energy levels and stamina were so low, getting on a stair-climber or life-cycle I could only last about 5 minutes. If you checked the aerobics class, you would have found me in the back row hoping no one would see me because I could barely keep up. I would wear out alarm clocks because of daily hitting the snooze button, until it would run out of snoozes.
Most alarm clocks stop snoozing after an hour, but again, I’m not unique, and I don’t believe I’m the only person who knows that.

Looking back sixteen years, it’s hard to believe that’s who I was before Silica Hydride. For me the changes were almost immediate. Within a few weeks, energy levels sky-rocketed. I went from the back of the aerobics class to the front row. Instructors who had seen me before wondered what had happened. How I turned things around so fast.

After about a month, I noticed I wasn’t hitting the snooze alarm, any more. And after six weeks of using Silica Hydride, I began to wake up before the alarm went off. Soon I was staying up later and waking up earlier. Eventually, I stopped using my alarm clock all together and 16 years later. I don’t even have an alarm clock or have any use for one.

For most people, those changes would be extraordinary events. But for me, the most important change has been the number of times I have been sick in the last 16 years. My guess, because I haven’t been tracking is a total of 4 times. Once was food poisoning, the other was when SARS was going around. I can’t for certain say it was SARS, because after the third day my symptoms cleared so I didn’t go to the hospital. The other two I added in because you probably won’t believe me if I told you I’ve only been sick twice in
sixteen years.

Everybody who uses Silica hydride regularly, tells similar stories. We don’t get sick, our energy levels are off the chart. My blood pressure 125/85, which is great for a 50 something.

Will you get similar results when you try Silica Hydride? Probably. Will the effects happen in such a short period of time, most likely. But you won’t know unless you try it. Give the original Silica-hydride (marketed the trade name “Hydrogen Boost”) six weeks, one capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon.

If you want to read about the technical side and get all the facts and figures about Silica Hydride, see my next article.

Silica Hydride: World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant

Numerous studies haven proven that Silcia Hydride is thousands of times more powerful than any other antioxidant. In fact one capsule of Silica Hydride has the antioxidant power of 10,000 glasses of fresh squeezed organic orange juice. To give you a better idea of that, you’d have to drink one glass a day for the next 27 years, to equal the power of once capsule of Silica Hydride. Continue reading